Dear Colleagues,

Life is a dynamic unity of three components: matter, energy and information - and they cannot be separated. 

Any disease presents itself, in the first place, as an information failure; yet, it is the physical matter that is taken into consideration by orthodox medicine in its attempts to find solutions for human diseases and illnesses. As a result we have a huge amount of pharmaceutical drugs. 

People learnt how to alter the organism’s chemical processes, in an attempt to optimise them with a variety of drugs, which have negative side-effects. Is it not wiser to regulate the physiology by means of wave signals emitted by cells, organs and the whole system of the organism? 

It is precisely this principle - the steering of an organism’s physiology by means of an information exchange - which is the basis of the new medical technology - Information Wave Therapy.

These "connections" certain skin surfaces with internal organs are used in medicine.  There are Zacharjin-Gedd zones, Mohn-kenzi, Wiljamovskogo and zone information interactions of the IWT.

In fact these zones are sensors that detect any changes in the environment and then inform the body of the nature of these changes. This helps a healthy body to maintain a balanced homoeostasis – in other words to stabilise the balances within the body.

The electromagnetic homeostasis of a healthy person is stable and stays in harmony with the environment, and vice versa: when a person is ill, his electromagnetic field becomes defective. 

The Inwerta device generates super-weak, electromagnetic waves (EMS) in a wide spectrum of frequencies. The generated (EMSes) are the specific rays of cells, organs and systems, which work together with the electro-magnetic fields of people (reciprocal action) and in so doing correct the disturbed electromagnetic homeostasis (EMH).

The reciprocal action is effective over specific zones on the surface of the body, as well as on local points of pain, zones of bleeding and other areas. During an IWT session the organism is offered a certain set of very weak electromagnetic emanations (EME) in a wide spectrum of frequencies, which are equivalent to the organism`s EMF.

The process of restoration of the broken homeostasis is initiated by the organism itself. 

The sick organism has an active locating system, which "gropes" into the surroundings and selects for itself the optimal "therapeutic" EME, thus restoring its broken homeostasis and mending any physiological disorders in the organism. 

The main principles of Information-Wave Therapy are: 
- it is harmless for the organism, in other words -  electromagnetic homeopathy;
- it is the intelligence of a living organism when selecting electromagnetic characteristics

These days IWT is the only medical technology based on interactions with the organism for the recovery of its normal life activity, including all systems and functions of the body. Being multifunctional, the IWT is able to treat most diseases without medicines and is able to re-align concomitant disorders when treating the principal disease. 

Infowave Therapy is a contactless, safe and ecologically clean medical healing methodology that is highly efficient in the treatment and cure of illnesses. It serves as a prophylactic, and can be used together with rehabilitation and other health-improvement treatments. It considerably reduces the time needed for healing, prophylactics and rehabilitation.

Sincere greetings to IWT physicians and all others who make use of our technology. 

I wish you new achievements and successes in your hard and noble work aimed at restoring and maintaining people’s health. 

N. Kolbun