Characteristics of Information-Wave-Therapy

Practical applications have revealed the following characteristics of Information-Wave- Therapy:

- A high therapeutic- and pain- relieving effect. It is used to relieve pain of different origins, including oncological ones.

- It has a generally normalizing effect over the whole organism, regulating any disorders caused by pathological conditions and it has a positive influence on the healing of concomitant diseases.

- It regulates hormonal imbalance, fermentation and bioenergetic disorders, and improves immunity.  It is simple, accessible, efficient and economical; it reduces the time needed for healing by more than half and the positive result is permanent in most cases.

- It does not have side-effects, occurring during drug therapy, this contactless technology IWT provides security in the treatment of infectious diseases.

- More than 50% of patients have sensor-physiological reactions, according to which the pathological process may be easily localized and the IWT efficiency may be calculated. The reactions may also be used for diagnostics.

- It is used to correct disorders at a post-operative stage, as for correcting the negative effects of anaesthetics and inducing rehabilitation in early post-operative periods, reducing the risk of complications. It reduces the time needed for recuperation and repairs the results of surgery. In many cases, with timely treatment, the IWT obviates the need for an operation. 

- It increases the organism’s general resistance to different diseases. It improves physical and mental performance, and regulates psycho-functional disorders and over-strain. 

- It prevents chronic fatigue syndrome and physical ailments suffered by PC users, dispatchers and office workers. 

- It is efficient in the prophylaxis of acute and chronic diseases, as well as influenza, acute respiratory and other infectious diseases.

- It accelerates the adaptation processes of the organism to ecologically unfavourable environmental conditions such as meteor conditions, electromagnetic exposure and smog.