Scientific - Research Center Biopolis   

Institute of Information-Wave Technology (NRU "ICE" )   

It carries out scientific-investigation and scientific-implementation work on application of information-wave technologies in  (medicine, biotechnology, agriculture, bioinformation, etc.) 

 Main activities: 

  • Research- scientific and practical research in the field of information - wave therapy , the development and implementation of health and social projects based on IWT, Scientific and medical monitoring of projects.
  • Organizational and methodical- the development of a new health care provision of resources and implementation of information - wave therapy in various fields of medicine.  
  • Training- training of medical staff for IWT technologies, continuing education IWT physicians, publication of scientific, scientific -popular, science - methodological literature.     
  • Health - providing health care services to the population.   
  • Production- production of devices and means of information-wave influence, including those of information-wave therapy (IWT).
  • Implementation- spreading and implementation of information-wave therapy in medicine and other spheres of activity.
  • Scientific- scientific-practical investigations in the field of information-wave therapy, elaboration and implementation of medical-social projects on the bases of IWT, scientific-medical support of implementation projects.