Matrix Balance

Device for regulation of vital function of the body

“M a t r i x  B a l a n c e”

 "the pharmacy in your pocket" 

-can relieve pain in 3 minutes,

in 5-10 minutes eliminates matrix Balance  

Pain of various causes 

No adverse reactions

Electromagnetic biofield - "Matrix Balance" 

 Please note "Matrix Balance" is no magnetic therapy! 

Vital activity of the organism is assured by a vast number of physic-chemical processes taking part in it, which are accompanied by various electromagnetic impulses. 

Interaction of “Matrix Balance” with certain zones located on the skin leads restoration of homeostasis.

These impulses create the proper electromagnetic field of the body called “electromagnetic homeostasis” (EMH). Electromagnetic homeostasis of a healthy person is stable and stays in harmony with the environment, and visa versa - when person is sick his homeostasis is broken.

Purpose of the Device:

 Matrix Balance generates electromagnetic fields which interact with electromagnetic fields of a person and restore his broken EMH. Matrix Balance is an ecologically pure, painless and safe technology and is designed in the first place for personal use with the scope of:     
o  Rendering first (before doctor) selfhelp for fast relief of pain symptoms of various origin.
o  Elevation of physical and mental activity,  taking off psycho-emotional disorders and fatigue symptoms.
o Prophylactic of chronic fatigue syndrome and disorders connected to professional activity of PC operators, dispatchers, office workers, etc. (weak eyesight, poor memory and attention, etc.).

o  Increase of general resistance of organism to different diseases, as well as prevention of influenza, acute respiratordiseases, etc.
o  Acceleration of adaptation processes of the body to environmental changes caused by unforeseen factors (meteoconditions, negative influence of electromagnetic fields, etc.)

Therapeutic Performance:

Matrix Balance has a general self-regulating influence over the body, improves its functional conditions regardless of the character of the disease and concomitant symptoms.    

It regulates functioning of all organs and systems of the organism, improving state of health. 

It takes away and relieves pain of different origin, increases efficiency of rehabilitation treatment.

It is used for symptomatic treatment achieving fast self-regulation of the organism. 

It is used for prophylaxis before and during the period of acute states, for rehabilitation after surgical procedures.

Matrix Balance restores electromagnetic homeostasis in the sick body, possesses pronounced antipain, antistress and immunocorrecting effect, increases resistance and workability of the organism.  

Informational interaction of Matrix Balance with the organism is based on common methodologic principles of information-wave therapy:

- harmlessness for the body (the principle of “electromagnetic homeopathy”); 
- sensibility of an organism within electromagnetic space.  

A special way of formation of electromagnetic signals in Matrix Balance helps to restore homeostasis. A list of some of such disorders is presented in the Methodologic Guidelines. Therapeutic effect is achieved by operation over certain zones on person’s skin and also locally over zones of pain, discomfort states, bleeding, etc.


 How can you cpeonvince quickly? 

Our "quick result" we differ from all medical / esoteric, existing on the market means. Our formula: Three - E (efficiency, environmental friendliness, economy) means - effectiveness, eco-friendliness, efficiency.  

Matrix balance can relieve severe pain in 3 minutes, and in 5-10 minutes, the machine eliminates pain connecting different causes. This helps the body to improve health without drugs. In general, the matrix shows the result of this from the first skin zones which are given in the application directory.  

Statistics show that children have made the prophylactic treatment, ill less often. In a treatment within the first 6 hours a disease occurring cold is stopped in 90 of 100 cases. 

The side effects are not known until today.

 Design of the Device


Device includes: Cover (1), Operating Surface (2), Matrix (3).
The body consists of low-melting-point shockproof materials, aluminium, dural

Declaration of conformity

the medical device MATRIX BALANCE meets all the provisions of the Directive 93/42/EEC which apply to him.
Conformity assessment procedure: Annex VII EC verification of the Directive 93/42/EEC


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