The  INWERTA - Device for Regulation of Body Vital Functions 

The device is meant for prophylactic and therapeutic correction of distortions within the organism of a human being with its further rehabilitation and recuperation thru the infowave therapy techniques based on interaction of biosystems with external electromagnetic fields.

“INWERTA” Device is a new medical design in the field of information-wave technologies based on the principle of distant informational exchange of an organism with the environment through ultraweak electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Vital activity of an organism is ensured by a huge amount of physical-chemical processes taking place in it, which are accompanied by electromagnetic emanations. These emanations create the electromagnetic field of an organism called Electromagnetic Homeostasis (EMH).

Electromagnetic homeostasis of a healthy person is stable, being in harmony with the environment and visa versa – it is broken when the person is ill. 

Ultra low Electromagnetic emanations (EME), generated by the Device, interact with EME of certain zones located on the skin, thus regulating organism’s vital functions.


The device is intended for non-drug treatment, prophylaxis of different diseases and rehabilitation through restoration of electromagnetic homeostasis of the organism.

INWERTA generates a certain range of ultraweak electromagnetic emanations (know-how) in the wide spectrum of frequencies adequate to emanations of cells, organs and systems of the organism, to restore the broken homeostasis.

INWERTA has a multifunctional influence over biological system, regulating bioenergetic, immune, fermentation and hormonal status of the organism. 

INWERTA is used in:
- dispensary-polyclinic and stationary treatment departments; 
- sanatoriums and preventoriums;
- rehabilitation-prophylaxis institutions
as well as for home use

The device helps to increase organism’s powers of endurance, resistibility, adaptability, optimizing its sanogenic processes. 

IWT Device INWERTA permits to:
- prevents different diseases (prophylaxis medicine);
- reduce treatment terms 1,5-2 times;
- take off pain syndromes of different origin;
- avoid surgical operations at a number of diseases;
- carry out rehabilitation of patients and invalid persons